February 26, 2020

She walked in, looking like everything He ever dreamt of. He knew at that moment, that this was it, this was Her!

Tanya and I had our first conversation at this stranger’s wedding, and it was like I’d known her my whole life.

We just clicked, it was a feeling I had never experienced before; it was practically magic.” – Neev

“Being with Neev is a blessing and the wedding we had was truly magical!”- Tanya

Photographs: Cupid Diaries
Wedding Portraits: Apeksha – House of Pixels
Outfits: Gaurav Gupta, Anamika Khanna, Tarun Tahiliani, Kshitij Jalori
Makeup: Deepa Verma
Entertainment: Sukhbir, Dj AJ
Artwork: Siddharth Bhatia